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Adopt mommy chow, her 4 newborn pups! North Central LA, California August 17, 2006

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Update: September 2, 2006: Jane says:
“I am sending out a new message about this beautiful family because I groomed Mama on Friday, so I got to spend some time with her.
Staff at North Central love Mama. They walk her twice a day, and desperately want the family to be rescued. Everyone calls her Mama.
Mama was dumped at the shelter on July 17th by someone. She was pregnant, and gave birth 10 days later to 4 adorable chow/staffie mixes–3 boys and 1 girl. Mama is only 2 years old herself.

Mama needed grooming and staff had said that she can be very protective of the puppies. Just to be sure, I thought she should wear a muzzle to start with. I needn’t have bothered. She was such a total, sweet doll on the grooming table. The muzzle fell off and I didn’t even notice because she was so quiet and beautifully behaved.

Every mom needs a break from the kids, and Mama chow is no different. She was so pleased to have some “down” time, and really enjoyed her spa treatment as she was matted and dirty. And exhausted having to deal with four young ‘uns 24/7.

She had something to eat, then had a nice brushing and combing out. I gave her a haircut–nothing too severe as Nasch, the very helpful RVT at NC, advised that she should keep most of her fur. They don’t want her to get a URI and pass it on to the pups.

Mama was great in the tub and with the blowdryer afterwards. She had another snack, posed for pics, and went back to see her babies. They immediately jumped on her for their afternoon tea.

Mama is very proud of her babies, and was not at all protective, letting me pick them up and cuddle them. They are all gorgeous chubby little things. The puppies will soon be available for adoption by the public. We see so many chow/staffie mixes dumped at local shelters, and my concern is that they will go to homes where they will not receive the care of attention and care they deserve.

If these puppies are adopted by the public, there is a great likelihood that they will end up back in the shelter as unsocialized young adults in a year or two. It’s just the name of the game in L.A. for these animals.

Impound numbers:
Mama A811365
Boy 1 A814457
Boy 2 A811459
Boy 3 A811460
Girl A811461
Please do everything you can to help mama and her four darling puppies to make it safely out of the north central shelter before they end up in bad homes.Please rescue the whole family asap to prevent that from happening.

The puppies need to be placed in homes checked out by rescuers. And mama is a lovely young lady who was abandoned, pregnant and dirty, and needs a loving home of her own.

Mama & four pups are at the North Central shelter, 3201 Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA 90031
Direct lines: 213-485-5767, 8855, 9241
(Phones answered 24/7; please get the name of the person you talk to.)

Thanx. jane
chow babies 8-17-2006 LA.urgent.. ad on Craigs List today on August 16, 2006. Rescue the mommy and her 4 babies. The ad says to call the North Central Pound in LA immediately before the dogs are put to sleep. The mom was brought to the shelter on July 17, 2006. Please help them. The pups are newborns. [J.S.]


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