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Every day thousands of worthy dogs go unnoticed and unadopted. Unless intervened, their end-fate is one which no human should have to go through. Adoptachow.wordpress.com gives voice and hope to those chows and ChowX’s who cannot speak for themselves: cast-off pets, abandoned ‘strays’, the chows who no longer belong to a human family.

Adoptachow.wordpress.com is just another tool to help you find the chow you may wish to adopt. Adoptachow is staffed by volunteer help and has no paid help or administrative costs. This is made possible by WordPress, a social web tool used by people who want to create a better world, for both pets and people. Without a truly user friendly tool like WordPress, this experiment in joint blogging wouldn’t exist. You may wish to also check Chow Welfare’s Feature chows, Search Petfinder or PetHarbor and Chow Chow Rescue of  Maryland
Every day, Chow Rescues across the US, Canada and around the world work tirelessly to find homes and foster homes for these pets. This is just another tool to help these unsung heroes in this monumental challenge. These shelter workers/rescuers/volunteers are unpaid, overworked and unrecognized. Their one reward is when a dog is placed in a loving home where it contributes to a family’s happy life and the family to its life’s purpose.

If you are an adopter or fosterer, you are all we hope for. and we cannot thank you enough for who you are and what you offer.

If you are a chow rescue or shelter needing to post your homeless chows here, please contact Adoptachow. Thank you for all you do.
Note: Adoptachow.wordpress.com makes no assertions about the availability, behavior or condition of any animal.



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